Adult highlights

Join us for amazing experiences and meet incredible artists, researchers and innovators at this selection of some of our highlight events for adults.

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The Hidden Life of Trees

A multifaceted portrait of ‘The Hidden Life of Trees’ author Peter Wohlleben on his mission to enhance our understanding of the intelligent fabric of our forests.


Get Hooked

Join the circular making revolution and make your own homewares from reused V&A exhibition waste in this simple woodworking workshop for the Great Exhibition Road Festival.


Eco-murals: Bringing the biodiversity crisis to our city centres

Scientists and artists discuss their work and the role public art can play in bringing a community together to take action against human-induced mass extinction of life on Earth.


Making stuff greener

Explore the much-needed revolution in our manufacturing sector, from advanced energy and material efficiency to carbon capture, to new building materials and green chemistry


Human Health and Planetary Health

Find out how changing our diet could not only improve our health, but also tackle climate change, address biodiversity loss and stave off the next global pandemic.


Black History Month - A day in the life of a curator of deep-sea creatures

From caring for Charles Darwin’s specimens to decolonising museum collections, explore the career of the Natural History Museum’s Miranda Lowe.

Unloved Animal Club: Creatures in the climate crisis

Our warming planet threatens life on every continent. Seven scientists present seven vulnerable species that need more appreciation and protection as the world changes.


Treephonia: Reimagining our planet through sound

How can music help us forge new relationships with our environment and the places we inhabit?


Darwin's Coral Reefs and the Future of Ocean Life

Explore historic collections that could predict the future of marine ecosystems with the Natural History Museum’s coral reef curator Miranda Lowe.


Black History Month - A day in the life of the Grenfell gardener

Meet Tayshan Hayden-Smith, the former footballer who discovered the healing power of horticulture after setting up the Grenfell Garden of Peace

Urban parks - places of respite or action?

London's parks have been a lifeline for many during the pandemic as a place of respite, but what's their role in tackling the long term challenges society faces?

Drawing From Music

The Great Exhibition Road Festival's celebration of our planet continues with this chamber concert reflecting the environment we live in.


Sound tracking the rainforest: An audio-visual exploration of deforestation in Costa Rica

Immerse yourself within the sights and sounds of a forest ecosystem under threat with this digital artwork created by art collective super/collider.


Who's leading the climate conversation?

Explore the ways science, governments, fossil fuel lobbyists and environmental campaigners have changed how we talk about climate.


Eco-anxiety: Climate change’s toll on our mental health

Find out how the fight to save our planet could also improve our individual and collective wellbeing in this session exploring our emotional response to the climate crisis.


Earthsong: science inspired poetry against climate change

A cross-cultural feast of science and poetry, investigating the danger our natural and human landscapes are facing across the globe and what we can do about it.


Climate Justice

How can we ensure equality and basic human rights are preserved in the pursuit of saving the planet?