About Us

The Great Exhibition Road Festival is a free annual celebration of science and the arts in South Kensington and online.

Can art and science help inspire a greener future for the planet we share? Join us on 9-15 October for a celebration of our remarkable world and to explore how together we can protect its future against the imminent threat of climate change.

Discover a week of free events for all ages in South Kensington and online. Featuring creative workshops, talks, tours and exhibitions from museums, research and culture organisations based in and around Exhibition Road, the Festival brings together scientists, artists, designers and innovators to discuss solutions to the climate emergency.

At this critical time for our planet, with the UK preparing to host the most important climate summit since the landmark Paris Agreement was signed, we invite you to imagine the road to a better future. See what actions – both big and small – we can take in our own lives to care for nature and how we can join together to give a voice to our planet, from community projects to global action.

Immerse yourself in our new digital programme throughout the year, with free livestream events, discussions and a whole selection of activities for all ages. Each month we'll explore a new theme and announce the upcoming events on our website and the Festival's Facebook, Instagram and Twitter accounts.

Our partners

The Festival is a collaboration between institutions on and around Exhibition Road.

Our supporters 

The Great Exhibition Road Festival is supported by Huawei, Lead Technology Sponsor.

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